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McDonald’s Accused of “Steerbaiting”

In the wake of social media accusations that singer Billie Eilish is guilty of “queerbaiting“, The Daily Donkey’s investigative team has uncovered another example of deplorable conduct on the part of a major company to profit off of an underrepresented group.

That company?  McDonald’s.  The crime? “Steerbaiting”

In media, “steerbaiting” manifests in the form of a veiled promise or kinship with cattle in company marketing campaigns.  But the reality is the exact opposite.

For McDonald’s, that message has continually claimed that “billions” of beef cows are being served; giving most of us the impression that they serve the interests of these animals that would normally be the target of oppression and slaughter.

But watchdog groups have confirmed to the Daily Donkey that McDonald’s doesn’t actually serve the interests of this threatened group, instead, the company takes part in the exploitation and genocide of this delicious and misunderstood species!

Obviously, these revelations have this writer completely stunned.  It’s unbelievable that a marketing scheme would aim to cleverly mislead the public simply for profit.

No doubt bringing this into the public eye will greatly impact McDonald’s bottom line going forward.  I wouldn’t be surprised if #cancelmcdonalds leads to a massive drop in their stock prices. You’re welcome world. Go get ’em social justice warriors!

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