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Bucky The Beaver Quits Building Dam For Mental Health

Bucky the beaver, who is known as the best damn dam builder quit building his 12th dam after a leak was found. Knowing he would lose his reputation as the greatest dam building beaver of all time, he opted to quit in the middle of building it half way through.

“I think he’s amazing for showing the world that dams are hard to build. So much unnecessary pressure is put on us beavers to create dams, which change landscapes permanently, that it causes us to avoid recognizing physical ailments such as tooth decay and even constipation due to wood consumed during the build.” Says fellow beaver Snacky.

Bucky says he will return to building more dams but not until more media avenues show support and rally around him since quitting. That way if his dams burst in the future, the table will already be set for more excuses.

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