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More and More Neutered Pets Using Gender Neutral Pronouns

On the heels of President Biden’s firestorm involving the use of the term Latinx and deportation fears, the value of the term ‘Latinx’ is again being debated in the US. Not only should this gender neutral pronoun be considered essential, a variation should be extended toward Latinx pets.

As you know, language is powerful; how we express ourselves to others has a huge impact on how we see ourselves and construct our identities. When my mother would call me a crazy monkey as a child, I would eat nothing but bananas and throw my excrement for at least 5 days after. Words matter.

Latinx is a gender neutral term that dismantles the sexism inherent in the Spanish language. For example, in español, a crowd of nine “Latinas” becomes a group of “Latinos” the moment one man joins in, giving the superiority to men. Latinx leaves no room for sexist language because the identifier includes people of all genders.

Some people may say that “Latinos” technically refers to all genders of Latin American descent, but it’s still a masculine word in Spanish. (I got an b+ in Spanish in High School, which is why I greet Mexicans by saying Hola, muchx gustx señorax!)

It is also I why I support a gender neutral term for spayed and neutered chihuahuas – Chihuahux.

As I am told, chihuahuas are the most popular pet for Latinx families. And any chihuahua that has been spayed, neutered, or identifies as gender neutral along with their Latinx family, should have a term that empowers them.

The biggest problem facing the use of Chihuahux is the same for Latinx. Latinx don’t seem to use the word white liberals gifted them with, and its use has generated debate about its appropriateness in a gendered language like Spanish. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do – just like my “Save the Bales” fundraiser to rescue hay bales abandoned in rural corn fields.

I see now that “Save the Bales” had a glaring flaw – there was confusion regarding Batman for some reason. I just didn’t have the marketing savoy to write a viral catch phrase to spread the word. That changes with Chihuahux. We need to get out on social media and tell people “It doesn’t matter how you were born, if your balls are deductx – Chihuahux!

The worst part that no one is talking about, is since Latino is an ethnicity, potentially 18% of the US population is inherently sexist, which is another reason why all male chihuahuas should have their balls removed. “If the testicles tuckx- Chihuahux”

Spread the word people!

Crush the Patriarchy.

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  1. Jed Calhoon Jed Calhoon Jun 26, 2021

    How you supposed to pronounce chihuahux? This don’t make no dang sense.

    • Trinity Trinity Jun 25, 2021

      It’s pronounced Chi-wa-wux. Spread the word!

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